Entrepreneurial innovator leading product, business, and content development in the technology and media industry. Experience leading a project team of sixteen and a product team of six. Believer in the power of data analytics and user interviews. Global citizen who has worked with diverse teams across continents. 

  • Mobile software/early product experience: Product Manager, Adobe Premiere Rush; Co-founder/Product Manager of Screen Door Laboratories, Inc.

  • Published book, Startup Fever: How Failure Can Prepare You for Success

  • MBA, Boston University

  • Video production experience as:

    • Product Manager: created a self-intro video to connect with the user community

    • Consultant: led and coached a group of staff aged 27-65 in creating pictures and videos for politicians’ Facebook accounts

    • TV news reporter: worked closely with cameramen and video editors

    • Entrepreneur: created videos for external communication

    • MBA candidate: applied MBA with a self-introduction video

  • Grew up in a broadcast radio family

  • Human-Centered Design Certificate, IDEO: Created a paper mock-up of a mobile app that helps immigrants in Taiwan become familiarized with the logistics in schools, hospitals, and post offices.

  • Designed OpinionSent, a mobile app that collects and distributes news comments; it pivoted to an app that helps opinion leaders share news comments through self-filmed videos.

  • Led a team to develop an Android-based software

  • Learning to read JavaScript through Grasshopper

  • MS in Media Ventures (STEM), Boston University


Where I work and live

San Francisco

Where I grow up


Where I started my startup

Los Angeles

Where I traveled during 3 different phases of my life


Where I did my graduate studies


Where I look towards the future

The Next Venture

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